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Politics and Life’s Issues Out West of The Great Divide

by Casey Jones on August 27, 2010

Politics and religion are the two best subjects to start a fight in a bar out west of the Great Divide so I wanted to open a discussion forum that would be a safe distance away from a crashing bar stool or flying table.

To initiate the subject we have a less civilized political air when it comes to elected officials out west. Perhaps it’s because of geographical design and survival methods. None the less politics can become downright criminal at times.

Out west of the Great Divide Arizona has a gun slinging sheriff who touts being ‘The Meanest Sheriff In America’ (if not the world) named Joe Arpaio no one is safe from raids, arrests, nor jail under any means this sheriff finds suitable. Currently he and a former county attorney are under a Grand Jury Investigation as well as the subject of a Federal Investigation.  He still welds a powerful stick with locals and his unseating is near impossible. He operates with private investigations into people who have publicly denounced his style of administrating the sheriff’s office bringing to the establishment an eerie feel that J. Edgar Hoover’s soul has somehow manifested itself into Arpaio’s.

As quick as one election poll can offer recent results the game can change. In a survey last May Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard held a hardy lead if he were to challenge Arizona incumbent governor Jan Brewer.  Months went by and a new poll released recently shows that Brewer has a 53% lead over Goddard now should she win the primary in August. Most likely this switch in numbers came to be after recent immigration bill, gun toting bill and even a fireworks bill all came to be law with Brewers signature.

The west is as divided as ever with supporters railing for Sharron Angle who is a Nevada Senate Candidate who recently said in a radio interview that ‘Incest and Rape are God’s Will’ and abortions should not be allowed in those cases…that God’s divine plan should be allowed to play out. Meanwhile Harry Reid is struggling to rally votes to stave off his extinction.

In California anything goes and despite Arizona’s brutal Judge Roy Bean’s style of judging, California is the Massachusetts of the great west where tomorrow the state could lean right locally and left nationally.

If it wasn’t for the Mormons in Utah, pressing issues throughout the west there might be an even more liberal stance among western states however due to the finances that the church holds through its members businesses and bank accounts it is difficult for the west to move away from old age stigmas that rule an otherwise progressive majority.

This is a progressive majority that fails to organize enough to form a powerful voting federation due to the inability to persuade voter turnouts when it matters. Mainly in my opinion these progressive groups feel that they are under the thumb of conservatives no matter the cause when in fact if properly organized they could be under the skin of the last of the hardnosed right of the Republican Party.

Locally in Arizona Barry Wong a republican candidate for Corporation Commission is proposing that those people unable to prove their citizenship be denied water, gas, electricity or other essentials. There are others proposing just as severe laws.

Candidates are finding it popular to jump on the anti-them band wagon. Once the Mexican is band from Arizona the next course of action I would expect this state to take is a Texas type law allowing anyone being suspected of being gay to be shot down dead if they were caught on the streets after sundown.

As much as the railroad connected the two coasts and paved highways connected border to border, the likenesses of the east are still unable to ride over the Great Divide and will continue to do so until a Harriet Tubman of the modern day tunnels out an underground railroad through that great partition to when the East and West becomes as much a Union as the North and South!

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