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Does The US Constitution Still Work For 21st Century America?

by Bruce Belfield on December 16, 2010

This timely subject was brought up at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival and The Aspen Institute through the highly regarded PSB pollsters using the following contact methodology: Methodology ©Penn, schoen & berland associates, llc.

Between June 18 and June 22, 2010, PSB conducted 1000 online interviews with GP Americans.

Between June 30 and July 5, PSB conducted an additional 500 online interviews with GP Americans to gain insight on supplemental questions.

The following slide show is very illustrative and interestingly informative as it is broken down to characterize the widespread issues surrounding the Constitution today.

Several major Constitutional trends are emerging that will color the upcoming two election seasons. These trends and desired changes would certainly play a role should a future Pandora’s Box of a Constitutional Convention be called, for instance, as part of the wake of a US economic and global defense collapse.

So here is the link to this very interesting slide show. I believe you will find it interesting how much has stayed the same with the public and how other things are rapidly changing in the public’s regard for their Constitution.

Should the insert link fail your link is: http://www.slideshare.net/tarekrizk/psb-constitution-poll-for-aspen…. Just click on your arrows forward or backward to consider the poll’s outcomes.

Hopefully from this opening cornucopia of information we will glean much more fertile subsequent discussion.

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